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For Doom 2 map packs with 32, 11, 4 or 1 levels.
To be used with GZDoom 2.2.0 or newer.



This is the Doom 2 Intermission Mod, intended for OBLIGE/OBSIDIAN generated mapsets but works for most mappacks too - at the cost of replacing any story text in them.

There are 4 versions included:

  • Use MW32 if you're using a 32 Map Megawad.
  • Use EP11 if you're using a 11 Map Episode.
  • Use FL4 if you're using a 4 Map Few Levels.
  • Use ONE if you're using a 1 Map Single Level.

Never try to use more than one at once, they'll just override each other or throw an error.


This mod features a fully functional Intermission Screen for any regular 32 map megawads intended for Doom 2, played on a ZDoom sourceport.

It includes new art, new music and a new flow, intending to wrap up the whole playing experience as a meaningful journey with a clear progression and a satisfying, clear ending. As a player, you get a better look at the bigger picture when playing through 32 Maps, knowing when you'll hit MAP15 to be more ready to remember to look for secret levels. You'll also be warned before MAP30, to get ready for a boss fight, provided the megawad has one.

The included intermission screen is intentionally abstract. It assumes that you might end up playing any theme, be it urban, tech or hell, so it presents itself universally applicable no matter what the megawad will offer.

It is mainly intended to be used with procedurally generated mapsets, create by the program called OBLIGE or the newer OBSIDIAN, but can theoretically work with any mapset, as long as the level count is the usual 32. I wouldn't recommend using it for any megawad mapset that features custom intermissions, irregular amounts of maps or a custom story told through text intermissions, as those would get overrided by this mod.

Don't use this mod with hub-based map packs, they are not supported by this mod.


There are many ways to use/install mods, so just look up general mod usage guides on the net to find the best method that suits you.

Me, I use GZDoom 4.8.2, with the Doom2.wad. I install mods via the gzdoom-username.ini. At this location in the file:


I add this line:


Save the ini file, and launch gzdoom.exe. Done.

I install all mods this way. Its also handy to have a seperate .txt file to store all the Path= lines, for easy reuse whenever I need them again.


OBLIGE - Procedural Doom Map Generator:


OBSIDIAN - Newer, Super Upgraded Procedural Doom Map Generator:


SynthDoom.pk3 - Music Replacement Pack of INTENSE ACTION of 80' retro futuristic synthwave soundtrack:


Plus any of your favorite gameplay mods, such as Russian Overkill, Brutal Doom, JohnnyDoom, Project Brutality, Guncaster, D4D, Trailblazer, Lithium, HXRTC, Demonsteele, MetaDoom and many more. This mod is compatible with all of them.

Custom Intermissions Made By You:

If you look inside the files and study them, you may quickly notice how basic everything is. It is very easy to create your own version of this mod that is customized for your mapset specifically, making it have that same cool Doom 1 style intermissions, except on the Doom 2 engine!

All you need is to replace the following:

  • your custom background art.
  • a "you are here" pointer graphic.
  • a "this location is cleared" graphic.
  • coordinates for your levels so that said graphics will appear at the correct spots.
  • do edits/additions/omissions to the intermission story texts.

The Zdoom wiki has more information on the MAPINFO and Intermission Script, so check those out for extra details.

Even more easier is to simply reskin the graphics to what you like and that'll transform the mod into whatever theme you like.

Let me know if you need help with making your own custom intermission via email at reactorcoregames@gmail.com


ZDoom Community - Helped me get started and supported me when I had questions. Also I took a couple textures from the Custom Texture Thread.

Machinae Supremacy - Great Music (Jets n Guns OST).

Spaceman333/Reactorcore (me) - Putting the whole thing together.


You may freely remix this mod in anyway you want.

Copy it, tear it apart, change the graphics and adapt it to your taste or your custom mapsets. Make new skins and upload them as your own mod! No credit needed.



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